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Jewel giggles at his predicament and amusing reaction and tells him to calm down and that it is only her.

Blu laughs it off histerically, whilst getting back up on his talons and walks up to her in his usual cheerful state, having left his memories of youth behind him in now his present state.

But just as it seems they are about to kiss passionately Eduardo catches them in the act, smiling but at the same time amused at the situation, he immediately coughs inwardly, breaking the two lovebirds out of their special moment together.

Simultaneously Blu and Jewel jump back in shock, inadvertently looking at the others blushing faces and looking randomly around their hollow.

However in spite of all this Blu cannot put a talon on it and feels a strong desire and longing to learn about his past but he is not sure what it is or where to start.

Blu not fully aware of his mates seductive tone of voice looks at her confused and asks her what she means, but before Jewel answers he goes wide eyed realizing what she's getting at.The two lovebirds separate and Jewel tells Blu not to keep her waiting too long, Blu, now in a loving state says to his Angel that he would never doubt her love for a second and will return as soon as possible.Without much more time to waste Blu flies off after Eduardo and calls back to Jewel saying that he loves her and vice versa, Blu then catches up with Eduardo and asks him where they are going and what he wants to talk to him about?Blu smiles and promises Jewel that he will talk with her father without delay, he then confronts his father in law and tells him to lead the way.Eduardo, now in a cheerful state of mind smiles jubilantly at Blu and his daughter and takes off in full haste.

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