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Our head coach loves black so any black jerseys or hat designs would be outstanding.If we decide to use any of these designs in the future, we will definitely work out some kind of payment for all of your hard work. I got one last e-mail from Marc this week, with one or two points he wants to stress: While we are looking for uniform ideas, we would also really appreciate any logo redesigns and cap designs. And like I said, we will gladly contribute some goodies to everyone who works so hard on those mock-ups. Another reader has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging you to come up with not just a new cap and logo redesign, but a whole uniform redesign as well.I really enjoyed the design a cap idea for today’s column. I think that’s a great idea, and if you’re interested I’d like to offer the school I coach to be the team you choose.I am one of the baseball coach’s at Clarksville High School in Clarksville, Tennessee.You can also E-mail me at that address if you have any questions.I won’t set a hard and fast deadline, but I’d expect the contest to be open for at least two weeks — so try to have your submissions to me by the weekend of November 14-15. After seeing those Sartell Sabres Cap designs, I know how great your entire uniforms, caps and logo designs will be.And how about Dowling, minus stud wideout Amara Darboh, knocking off undefeated Ankeny?

Here’s Marc’s original e-mail to me explaining his idea: Love the work you’ve been doing on the website.Dipping into the E-mail bag again, got one this week from Dave Magruder, who has done some fascinating research regarding NFL alternate and throwback uniforms, and the frequency with which they have been worn.Obviously, with the “Legacy” uniforms, and the tremendous number of alternates out there (as well as several teams throwing back this year), Dave wondered which teams were the “Last night as I was thinking about the widespread use of throwback and alternate uniforms in the NFL recently.I’m going to make some requests, and attach some pictures to show what the team has had in years’ past.The school has been using the same hat design for the last 20 years, the Chicago Cubs “c” logo in yellow on a white outline. We are probably going to keep that logo, but are looking to add a few alternate logos.

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