Historical dating methods

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Fulham hardly set the world alight although they generally finished in the top half of the table.During the 1920s they endured a gradual decline and were relegated to Division Three (South) in 1928 although four years later they returned to the Second Division.Tigana brought modern coaching methods and revolutionised squad management.In 2001, al-Fayed's five-year plan reached fruition a year early as Fulham won the Nationwide First Division championship.With a history going back to 1879, Fulham are one of the oldest senior clubs in London.They started out as a Sunday school team, leading a nomadic life as St Andrews (Fulham St Andrews from 1886).During this turmoil a new crest was introduced that was effectively identical to the 1945 version optimised for digital reproduction.

During the 1980s Fulham moved between the Second and Third Divisions but they found themselves in the basement in 1994 after a succession of owners came and went, all with their sights set on acquiring the valuable Craven Cottage real estate.The club dropped "St Andrews" in December 1888 and the following season (1888-89) adopted black and white stripes.Our photograph shows that variations in the design of their shirts were still apparent and two players are wearing white knickers although an undated team photograph that appears to have been taken in the mid-1890s shows the whole team kitted out in 3" stripes.The hooped stockings worn at the time were highly unusual if not unique.After winning the championship in 19, Fulham were elected to the Football League, replacing Burton United in the Second Division.

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